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At Influx, our philosophy revolves around enriching communities by breathing new life into historic homes, capturing their inherent charm while seamlessly integrating modern functionalities. We strive to meet the evolving needs of today’s home buyers. Our mission transcends mere renovation; it’s about preserving the essence of Seattle’s original neighborhoods. Many of the homes we renovate are over 100 years old, and we want to see them survive another 100+ years.

With over two decades of experience in the construction industry, I bring expertise and passion to every project. Since 2001, I’ve been immersed in various aspects of construction, honing my skills and deepening my craft. My journey began as a carpenter for a home builder, where I gained comprehensive exposure to all phases of construction. Although carpentry was my specialty, I learned concrete, drywall, painting, finish selection, and excavation. Before founding Influx in 2011, I established Type A Finishes (formerly Avonlea Finish Carpentry) in 2009. My foray into remodeling was almost accidental, sparked by my finish carpentry work for a company that connected homeowners with construction professionals. This experience illuminated the desires of homeowners to preserve their home’s historic charm, laying the foundation for my approach to remodeling.

What sets Influx apart is twofold: our ability to envision the potential of a home, and the dedication of our passionate, closeknit team. With skilled carpenters trained to respect and recreate historic elements, we approach every project with enthusiasm and care. Ultimately, our team members are what gives the company its heart. I oversee all aspects of the business. Honore owns product research; Leigh manages our crews and buyer follow-up; Nataliah is our office administrator. Our uniqueness extends beyond our expertise to our familial ethos. With three of my five children actively involved in the business, we embody a true family-oriented approach to construction.

While our direction and methods have evolved over time, our commitment to craftsmanship and reverence for history remain steadfast. We take pride in our ability to uncover the hidden stories within each home, meticulously restoring its character and allure. We go above and beyond industry standards, meticulously researching homes, neighborhoods, and products to ensure a superior end result. We are dedicated to upholding the legacy of Seattle’s rich architectural heritage and ensuring these homes endure for generations to come.

For us, construction isn’t just a profession—it’s our passion. We find fulfillment in crafting homes that resonate with Seattle’s history and bring joy to our home buyers and neighbors alike.

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