Making Choices: How to Buy and Sell in the Seattle Real Estate Market

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The availability of public information, the internet, and social media have seemingly given us all the tools to do research on just about anything we desire. It’s easy to become oversaturated with information and options, struggling to sort through the noise.

In a word, overwhelming

Real estate search websites allow consumers to stay constantly aware of the real estate market. Yet this information lacks the context of questions such as when, how, and where to buy a home.

Likewise sellers may have detailed questions about the timing, marketing options, and pricing of a potential sale. With so many options and so much information available, how do we know who to trust or what information is most relevant?

Seattle’s real estate market continues to soar to record highs

The housing market in King County and the surrounding areas continue to set record highs for growth in home values. In fact, within the last two years alone Seattle more than doubled the national average for growth in home value at 13.5%, with the rest of the nation averaging around 5.9%.

Seattle continues to experience a shortage of supply

Hand-in-hand with the current market boom, Seattle is simultaneously experiencing the largest housing shortage out of any major metropolitan-area in the nation. This lack of inventory is driving a dynamic market throughout the city, even out into King County as a whole, as well as other neighboring areas.

Tacoma home values show a 14% increase from only a year previous. Most recently Tacoma surpassed it’s previous mark set by pre-recession home values

In Tacoma the market bears a similar taste for growth with the median home price in Pierce County sitting at a record high.

When compared to the rest of the nation, Seattle is among the national leaders in appreciating home-values in 2018

In fact industry research predicts home values to continue to climb up to 5% throughout 2018 alone. While such accelerated growth is unlikely to sustain indefinitely, it is equally unlikely for the market to drastically cool any time soon. More realistic is the likelihood that Seattle’s market is beginning to experience it’s new normal, as all the city has to offer brings more business and potential homeowners than ever before.

So with the Seattle housing market today, how can you cut through the noise?

Psychology research shows that the more options we have, the more indecision we feel. We are less capable of making confident decisions when we are presented with a large amount of data. Navigating the online real estate market is no exception.

Although it can give a sense of control and understanding to have all the web can provide at our fingertips, seeking guidance from a trusted professional can help to cut through the noise and focus in on what is truly important.

Gaining professional expertise can help you make better choices with more satisfaction, as you are less focused on the entire market and more focused in on a few curated options

Why Home Docket is the right choice

At Home Docket we are a team of licensed real estate brokers and specialists with over 21 years of combined experience in real estate, development, and investment. Our team of agents has the experience to guide you through your Seattle real estate buy or sale from start to finish.

The city that grows together, thrives together

To us, a successful real estate deal starts with getting to know each client as an individual. Your wants, needs, and goals are unique. We take the time to get to know you as an individual, and tailor your real estate experience according to your needs.