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John Cowan – Strategist


John Cowan is Home Docket’s strategist and navigator. By looking into the distance both near and far, he’s able to chart multiple courses that will propel Home Docket into the future of Seattle’s growth, and establish the home buyer’s places in it. He’s part experience, and part intuition. Creating this new entity in an established and successful real estate environment such as Windermere takes both the understanding of a good Realtor, as well as the instincts of a natural entrepreneur.

“If you don’t give up, you can’t fail,” John likes to say.

John’s business-mindedness started in high school, but became official when he opened his first business at 19 years of age. He has spent his life creating opportunities for himself and the people closest to him. His idea of heaven is creating successful businesses from the ground up, whether they are small restaurant chains or just defining advisory roles between people helping people. This is what drives him to make everyday better than the last.

John’s true calling came when he decided to jump into his real estate career. “Not only are you your own master,” John says, “but everyday has a new challenge involved with helping clients reach their goals and dreams. What’s better than that?”

Besides being a real estate agent who helps fit people with their first or their dream homes, John has spent time cultivating relationships with builders, which in turn primed a new and exciting facet of his business, land acquisition for new construction homes in the greater Seattle area.

John was born and raised in the Seattle area, where he attended Eastside Catholic High School and then Seattle Central Community College. He’s climbed Mt. Rainier, loves Mexican food and is such a serious Seahawks fan that he claims he bleeds the original brand of ketchup served at the Kingdome. John’s wife Heidi and kids Hudson (5 yrs) and Bennett (2 yrs) keep John on his toes.

If you know anything about hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, or kayaking through the Galapagos Islands, drop him a line and share it. These two things are high on John’s bucket list.