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Bryan Loe – Tactician


One of the first things you’ll notice about a good Realtor is drive. Bryan Loe is to Home Docket what an engine is to a race car, a high-energy power plant making things go. It’s this energy and ambition that keeps Home Docket moving forward through impasses and obstacles.

It started in Bryan’s childhood, when teachers and coaches watched him go, and go, and go. If it wasn’t the baseball field, it was a 140-home paper route, where rain was some sort of opportunity. Three stars weren’t enough for his high school letterman’s jacket, so he earned four, excelling at baseball.

High energy was hard to come by after that, so he joined the Marine Corp where it was delivered in buckets. (He was assigned to a .50 caliber machine gun atop a Humvee.) This is probably where his disdain for excuses formed, as well as his ability to see obstruction as a dare. Those bringing complication to the table with Bryan do well to also have a plan B.

Initiative followed him back into civilian life, and fate connected him with John Cowan, with whom he managed various businesses. In 2004, Bryan realized the benefit and potential in taking his skills and energy into real estate. Together, Bryan and John have been partners and best friends, complementing each others skills and energies to make a complete showing of Home Docket.

Still active, Bryan has climbed Mt. Rainier (he was disappointed to learn they do not give letterman’s stars for this), plays league softball with fellow Windermere talent (see LANCE MORGAN), teaches skiing during the winter and is an avid (pronounced ra•bid) golfer with intimate knowledge of golf courses all over the West Coast.